Monday, April 18, 2011

Tortas la Vista!

So, today I visited Tortas la Vista for the third time.  This is a new torta place that opened up in the old location of the now-defunct Tortas las Llardas.  Llardas was never very well received.

Tortas La Vista is very well received indeed!

Today I had four chicken tacos rolled in hand made corn tortillas.  They were dressed as one might expect, with fresh cilantro and onions, but also came with a side of grilled onions and a grilled red jalapen, along with limes.  Two salsas accompanied the tacos, a wonderful avocado based green salsa and a murderously powerful red sauce that the waitress warned me was "picante."  I didn't believe her and pretty much drenched my first taco in it, and almost died for my troubles.  I very seldomly encounter a salsa that causes me pain, but I was sure feeling the pain today.


I discovered the secret was to either skip the red sauce entirely, or to moderate its fiery rampage by combining it with some of the lovely green sauce.  Not wanting to admit total defeat, I went with option two.

I think Tortas la Vista is a pretty good deal for lunch if you're in the area.  The four tacos above cost me a grand total of five dollars and wound up being exactly enough food for lunch, not too much, not too little.

Now of course Tortas la Vista sells tortas too, and I've actually eaten one and seen family members eat a few others, and all were well received.  The varieties that I've tried or seen eaten are the Michoacana, with carnita meat, avocado, tomatoes, onion, sour cream, and lettuce, the Al Pastor, with marinated pork leg, pineapple, and onions, and the Janitzio, with grilled chicken, ham, and cheese.  Tortas normally run $5.85, but during lunch you can get a torta, chips, and a drink for just $5.95.  Personally, I find tacos more satisfying and filling, so I think the taco deal is a somewhat better bargain, but all in all Tortas la Vista has been quite a pleasant find in my neighborhood.  It doesn't help that they awesome tres leches cakes in both regular and chocolate flavors available for dessert.

Tortas la Vista
2021 Mangum Rd.
Houston, TX 77092

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