Sunday, February 6, 2011

Miller's Cafe! Other Burger News! (MAYBE!)

People have been telling me to go to Miller's Cafe for about two or three years now, and yesterday I finally visited.  I hadn't eaten in about 24 hours, so I ordered the bacon double cheese burger with jalapenos with an order of fries on the side.  About ten minutes later, this arrived:

The picture doesn't really do this burger justice.  It was enormous.  Miller's hamburger patties are the thin, fast-food style that I prefer.  It was dressed as one might expect with torn leaf lettuce, white onion, pickle, and tomato.  The cheese was perfectly melted.

This was the juciest burger I've can ever remember eating, and it was wonderful.  Happily, the poppy-seed bun as up to the task and held together admirably until the burger was completely consumed. 

I was really struck by the copious amount of crispy bacon that came on this burger.  It was almost too much, I might say, if there was any such thing as too much bacon.  I appreciated that the bacon was cooked crispy; I think the crunchy texture really contributes to the burger experience.  Limp bacon doesn't belong anywhere near a burger.

The fries weren't anything to write home about.  They seemed to me to be frozen, skin-on potatoes, nothing special, and they got soggy pretty quickly.  Their sweet potato fries are something else entirely.  I'm not a huge fan, but my dining companions ordered them and they seemed to be fresh-cut and very thin, like a shoestring cut.

This was overall the best burger I've eaten that I didn't make myself in as long as I can remember.  But!  In Other Burger News (Maybe!) it looks like the much-ballyhooed Hubcap Grill might be expanding into my neighborhood.  Victor's Cafe on West 18th. has closed, but while driving by the location the other day, I saw that the Hubcap Grill truck was parked outside, and there seem to be a great number of hubcaps festooned across the front of the building. If it's true, it will be nice to see another locally owned restraurant of quality open in the area.

Edit:  Confirmed, a new location for the Hubcap grill is coming soon!

Miller's Cafe
3830 N. Shepherd
Houston, TX 77018

Mon - Fri 11AM to 9PM
Sat 11AM to 5PM
Closed Sunday

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  1. As one of those friends who I'm sure has told you to eat there, it's about time! I really miss having Miller's right around the corner. You can't go wrong with the ham and cheese sandwich there either...I think it's The Porker. lol.